Work Experience

2015 - 2023


Tech Manager/SME for Rockwell Automation

As a provider of testing solutions for Rockwell Products.
As a Leader of multiple PODs and Test Automation teams around the Globe.
By leading several initiatives like multi-user, device, performance and testing strategies. In charge of performance testing Activities.
In charge of maintenance of Test Automation Framework.

Test Automation Engineer for Delloite

As a Leader of Test Automation Team using different technologies such as Web/Mobile.

Test Automation Engineer for Disney Studios

As a Leader of Test Automation Team and founder of Test Automation Framework for Window Desktop Applications. In charge of performance testing, stress tests and load tests for application services, configure environments, test agents and controllers.

Test Automation Engineer for Tribune

As a Test Automation Engineer by creating test scripts with Selenium.
2011 - 2015


QA Manager

Successfully developed Automated Tests for Mobile applications using tools such as Selenium, Appium.
Successfully developed Automated Tests for Web applications using Microsoft CodedUI,Test Lab Manager.
Successfully developed Stress and Load tests for services using JMeter as main tool.


Responsible for Maintenance of Servers.
Developer of VB.NET applications
Performed bug fixes
Coordinated and scheduled deployments.
2008 - 2011


QA Manager

Tested WEB applications and interfaces between customers.

Test Automation Engineer

Elaboration, Execution of Manual, Web, Performance, Unit and Integration Tests using MS VSTS 2010 with Test Lab Manager.
2001 - 2008


QA Engineer

In charge of QA Team as Leader for internal Projects.
Performed QA activities such as Manual tests, elaboration of Test Plans, Test Automation.
Responsible for Maintenance of Servers.


As developer using C# as programing language for Techint Group Argentina – Venezuela – México.
Developed Web applications in ASP.NET.
1998 - 2001



Developer with tools such as Visual InterDev 6.0 (+ ASP, ASPX), Visual Basic 6.0, ADO, RDO, SQL Server 6.5/7.0. for prepaid medical care (Omint S.A.).
1996 - 1998


ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Co-founder of Supernet. First ISP with Cable-Modem for the region of Mendoza.
Performed tasks for implementing Internet Service Provider.
Worked with Network Engineering area in collaboration on the installation of cable modems.
Responsible of internet nodes/backups/maintenance in general of Sun Microsystems servers.